I’m Lorant Trellay —

A Berlin-based UX designer, a problem solver who cares about crafting products and experiences that are useful, usable, and beautiful.


App Design

Water Surf enthusiasts need a way to find clear and comprehensive information about wind, waves, and weather conditions near the body of water in order to be better prepared for a day of surfing.

Brain Hoist

App Design

Through this project, I got acquainted and learned new concepts, techniques, and terms by researching and designing an app to learn new vocabulary. The goal of this project was to practice using the design process and learn important UX vocabulary along the way.



Le Legionnaire is a menswear brand, defined as an urban Streetwear design constructed in old-school textile production. Through my internship, I was assigned to do the product photo shoot for Le_legionnaire webshop. This project was a great occasion to work as a team with a professional model.